5 tips for getting positive reviews

    How to encourage people to write positive reviews?

    In my last article habrahabr.ru/blogs/startup/76650 I talked about the value of negative reviews and received a lot of interesting comments and useful information. Thanks everyone! One of the main issues that we discussed in the comments was: how to get people to write reviews? So I decided to publish an article on this topic.

    Feedback on consumer goods can be a powerful tool for increasing sales, but it is of little use if you can not persuade your consumers to leave feedback after contacting you. So that you can use the reviews about your products to your advantage, you need consumers who are ready to cut 5 minutes in your schedule to let you know what they really think. Here's how you can convince them that it's worth the time and effort they spent:

    • Offer a small discount on your next purchase to those consumers who, after receiving the product, have filled out a feedback form about it. This is guaranteed to lead you to the desired results: who will refuse to save money? Just don’t promise more discounts than you can afford. It is one thing to offer a discount on the next purchase in the amount of 25-50% to everyone who is ready to spend 5 minutes of your time on you, and it is quite another to watch how your profit is melting after this discount has been actually used.

    • Offer consumers the following: if they fill out a review form, you include their contacts on the mailing list to receive further discounts and coupons. You’ve already seen this: “Answer three simple questions about your purchase - and get on our mailing list to receive discount coupons and special offers.” In addition, the bulk of your consumers, at heart, are probably pretty tight-minded; if they were really satisfied with the purchase, they will be happy to have the opportunity to save further (hint: tell them exactly what you will send, and, if possible, show the previous mailing so that your messages are not mistaken for spam).

    • To make money, be prepared to spend it. Many companies provide professional consumer product review services; for a fee, they will study your products and leave professional reviews on your site. If from a similar perspective you are trembling - relax. This is what many companies do. The person who made the review receives a free product and another $ 15-20 in addition, and you get a good review, which is not a shame to show to your repeat customers. As a result, everyone wins!

    • When registering consumers on your forum, do not forget to request their contact information - then you can contact them in case of receiving negative reviews. But don't overdo it. An email address is enough, and your clientele will be more confident that you do not have secret plans to spam their inboxes with spam.

    • When contacting consumers, attach a product review form and a website address where they can post a consumer product review. Although such surveys are often sent straight to the basket, you’ll still find someone who wants to answer them — and each completed questionnaire will be your additional “trump card in the sleeve.”

    Many consumers, at the sight of a request to leave feedback on the product, grimace discontentedly and think: “I don’t have time for this.” And then you have to think about how to dissuade them. Such tricks and tactics will be the beginning of your success.

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