The era of the Latin alphabet ends on the Internet

    Since November 16, the Domain Name Regulatory Commission (ICANN) has allowed the use of other alphabets in the address lines of the Internet.

    This is reported by LIGA with reference to Channel 5 .

    ICANN_LOGOStates will be able to apply for registration of a top-level domain zone in the national language on November 16. The new rules will allow the use of 100 thousand new characters in domain names. At ICANN, the new domain naming convention has been dubbed the biggest change in the functioning of the Internet in recent years.

    “This is a small step for us, but a huge leap for half of all Internet users in the world. This decision will help achieve our goal of making the network accessible to everyone, ”said ICANN President Rod Beckstrom, paraphrasing astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first to set foot on the lunar surface.

    For Russia, ICANN’s decision means the possibility of creating a domain zone. RF and the start of domain registration in it. Accreditation of registrars for the zone. The Russian Federation will begin on November 4. It is expected that from November 25, 2009 to March 25, 2010 priority registration of domains for government agencies and trademark owners will be introduced.

    According to the head of the Ministry of Communications Igor Shchegolev, Russia will be the first country to use the first level domain in the national language. It is expected that the open registration of names in the domain. The Russian Federation will begin in July 2010, and in total next year several hundred thousand Cyrillic domain names will be registered in it. It is worth noting that many IT specialists expect a surge in the activity of cybersquatters after the launch of a new zone.

    Today, 1.5 billion people use the Internet in the world, half of whom do not use the Latin alphabet.

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