GeekBrief.TV 640 | Kindle, VoIP, Android, Amazon MP3 Store, Gateway One

    Videocast GeekBrief.TV, episode 640 with Russian subtitles.

    The two complaints that I hear most often about the Amazon Kindle are the price of the device and the fact that international users cannot use Whispernet (a technology for connecting the Kindle to a network that is currently only available in the US). Amazon has announced Internation, the GSM version of the Kindle, which is currently available for orders priced at $ 279. Also, the US version dropped to $ 259.

    AT&T has authorized the use of VoIP programs on iPhone phones for calls over 3G and 2G networks. Until recently, users could only use Skype or Vonage via WiFi. Companies Verizon and Google have begun cooperationto create an open Android platform that will launch Google Voice. Information was confirmed about the launch of HTC Hero on the Verizon cellular network in November.

    DoubleTwist has announced the launch of the Amazon MP3 Store , which will allow users to buy music and download it to almost any device.

    The new Gateway One , ZX4800 and ZX6800 models have appeared. ZX6800 combines a computer and a high-resolution TV, 1920x1080.

    translation: akusto

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