ufirefox (usetools firefox) - assembly of the mozilla firefox web browser
    from usetools.net
    with add-ons, a
    pre-configured profile in a universal automatic installer or portable version (does not require installation, it can work from a usb disk).


    ufirefox - a web browser for the most safe, clean and clear work on the Internet.
    suitable for a wide range of different tasks when working with web content,
    as well as optimally tuned and honed to achieve good performance
    with high functionality without compromising reliability, usability and appearance. has a built-in balanced selection of functional and thoughtfully pre-configured add-ons (extensions).


    main features:
    • a convenient system of tabs for opening web pages, switching between them, changing the arrangement, returning to closed tabs and other actions in one browser window; tabs have contrasting and at the same time soft color backlighting (colorfultabs), and are also equipped with effective auxiliary control tools (tab buttons);
    • smart address bar with enhanced perception highlighting and interlinear display of the history of entered web addresses; includes the most strengths and amenities of the address bar of the firefox3 and firefox2 web browsers;
    • everything is at hand to save web addresses locally (panel and bookmark menu, link pad, smart bookmarks bar) or google online bookmarks with flexible options for import / export / backup (gmarks);
    • file download: simple download with color indication of the status of current downloads in the bottom panel (download statusbar); loading into several streams with resume and control through a multifunctional download manager (downthemall!); accelerated file downloads from the most popular file web services (skipscreen); in addition - a full-fledged ftp client (fireftp);
    • special settings, extensions and plugins for the most effective and fast search and web surfing (google toolbar, locationbar2, dns prefetch, customizegoogle);
    • brief but useful informational indication in the lower panel (external ip, flagfox, organize status bar);
    • blocking unwanted web content of an advertising nature (adblock plus, element hiding helper);
    • opening web pages in alternative browsing mode using the internet explorer kernel in a new tab and without leaving the firefox window for pages and web tools made “only for ie” (ie tab);
    • a clean automatic installation procedure with the correct designation of ufirefox as the default web browser, as well as a high-speed and clear removal procedure *;
    • full support for multi-user work with a separate original ufirefox profile is implemented (the same pre-configured profile for each user of the system, auto-deployment of the profile at the first start, full compatibility with the terminal mode of operation) *;
    • transferring key information of the ufirefox profile to a new profile when updating over (credentials, bookmarks), as well as the ability to quickly reset the profile to its original state or simply completely clear personal data from the program *;
    • and other small but elaborate little things convenient for everyday use of the Internet.

    in addition, ufirefox includes several pre-configured web applications (prism) * that implement a convenient and practical option for working with new generation web services from google:
    - mail - http://gmail.com
    - documents and tables, presentations - docs .google.com
    - calendar planner - google.com/calendar
    - maps - maps.google.ru
    - dictionaries - google.ru/dictionary

    * these functions are not available in the portable version of the assembly.

    add-ons included in the assembly:
    adblock plus, element hiding helper, colorfultabs, customizegoogle, cutemenus crystal svg, download statusbar, dns prefetch, downthemall !, external ip, feeling lucky fixer, ffchrome, flagfox, fireftp, gbutts, gmarks, google toolbar for firefox, i.e. tab, link pad, locationbar2, mr tech toolkit, organize status bar, prism for firefox, skipscreen, smart bookmarks bar, splash, tab buttons, classic compact options, firefox 2 theme reloaded, rein.
    more information on the selection of ufirefox add-ons .

    system: windows xp, server 2003
    language: russian, english
    size: ~ 12mb
    download (portable, russian)
    download (portable, english)

    ufirefox homepage:http://usetools.net/softpacks/ufirefox/

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