Another scam -

    Recently, a lot of monotonous spam has passed through millions of filters. What we did not see spam? We saw, but this time the scammers do not offer to lengthen, buy, sell anything, but advertise an interesting service. The text is always like that.
    Hello. Welcome to the SearchGSM website. With it, it is possible to find out the location of the person you are interested in by the number of his mobile phone, in a few minutes. Who might need this? We will not delve deeply into this issue. Each has its own reasons. Someone wants to check the whereabouts of a guy or girl, someone to find their child. In practice, one can find out the location of almost every person by indicating only his cell number. For this reason, we must warn that our service is created for informational purposes only, we are not responsible for misuse, results and any possible consequences.

    The technique used in the GSM locator is well established. It was created in the United States back in the era of the Cold War with the USSR. And only very recently ...

    Thanks to new technologies, and the huge spread of the Internet, what has recently been possible was fantastic. Our company, SearchGSM is rightfully one of the most famous providers of this type of service. Therefore, if you need to urgently find out the location of ANY person with a known mobile phone number, use our service.

    The link itself is different each time, but a redirect leads to . The following is written on the site.

    Service for searching and tracking mobile phones using the GSM standard system (global mobile communications system) via the GPS-TRACKER satellite network. The system monitors mobile phones of cellular operators around the world using GSM and GPS technology.

    Even some satellite data is provided.

    An inexperienced curious user asks “how so?” and decides to check, especially since the service costs only 9 rubles per day. Who pity 9 rubles?

    But before reaping somewhere, we look at the very bottom in small print for a link to the User Agreement . Yeah! What do we have here.
    ... 2 Description of services services are provided to Users who have access to the Internet and installed software for working with the web interface located only at , based on the User Agreement. is a comic gaming service that provides the user with access to a Flash game on a paid basis. provides the User with access to the Flash part of the game after the User has paid, by sending SMS to a short number.

    3. Entry into force of the User Agreement

    The user agreement comes into force from the moment of putting a tick in front of the text “I have read the rules (a)” on “”. User registration includes his consent to the User Agreement. Finding and using the services of “” means that you are familiar with and agree to the User Agreement, without even having passed the registration stage.

    4. Obligations and responsibility of the User

    After registration, the User receives a code to access the personal section with the game. has the right to prevent the use of certain passwords or to delete them without prior notice.The user is responsible for the security of his password, for all information publicly published using the services, including comments left on The user is fully responsible for all materials published by him using the services of "".

    5. Payment for services

    One SMS message pays for access to the service for 30 days.

    6. Warranty exemption The

    User understands and agrees that:
    a. The user uses the game service at his own risk. services are provided “as is”. does not accept any responsibility, including for the compliance of the search query result with the User’s goals;
    b. is a game that has the character of a draw. All information presented on the web site is fictitious, so the game can not be taken seriously.
    c. does not guarantee that: services will meet the requirements of the User; the results that can be obtained from will be accurate and reliable; the quality of services will meet the expectations of the User; all software errors in the operation of the website will be fixed;
    d. does not return the money spent by the user;
    e. is not liable for any losses, including direct, special, unforeseen or consequential losses, lost profits and other risks, even if has been warned of the possibility of such losses. Thus, the User assumes all risks associated with the use of the service.

    It is clear that nobody ever reads all kinds of user agreements. In the meantime, it says that the user, clicking on the button with the agreement, agrees that payment goes immediately in 30 days (270 rubles), and finally, that the entire service is a comic game. Funny guys denied all claims.
    How???? You did not know that this is a comic game? The agreement says !!! As where??? There, in small print below.

    Here is such a SCAM, gentlemen. What the scammers will not come up with. And I spread them PeAr with my post. After all, negative advertising is also advertising.

    I just wrote how they got into LJ.
    They suggested that Google about fraud sites should be reported here . (via PoZitron )
    How it looks can be viewed on the link completely free and safe. (via k0der )

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