Sibirtelecom and anlim

    The fact is that in Irkutsk only Sibirtelecom provides more or less decent Internet (including unlimited), there are of course other companies like Beeline or smaller offices, but their percentage is so small, and the services are wretched that they go to them only those whom Sibirtelecom rejected for any reason.
    So, for a long time everything was fine with us - ADSL-anlim with a speed of 512, for unrealistic money, but this did not surprise anyone, such a situation was in every city whose population did not exceed one million people. But time passed, speed grew, prices fell, and we, mere mortals, were relatively happy ...

    But then at Sibirtelecom they decided that we were too well settled and we needed to do some “shit” so that life would not seem raspberry. After much deliberation, we decided to take the trick - add new tariffs, lower prices, but limit traffic as follows (quote from the company's website):
    The tariff plan "Track 1024+" for the population involves unlimited access to the Internet and intranet resources, with the allocation of a channel bandwidth to Internet resources up to 1024 Kbps. around the clock. If the volume of incoming Internet traffic of an individual subscriber of the “Route 1024” tariff plan exceeds 80 GB per month, the Operator reserves the right to reduce the speed of access to external Internet resources to 128 Kbps by the end of the current month. Moreover, the speed of access to intranet resources remains unchanged.

    Cool, yeah? And so with all tariffs starting with “Track 1024+”, with each subsequent increase in speed, traffic increases by 20 gigabytes. Now the question is - who needs anlim with a speed of 10 megabytes and traffic of 180 gigabytes? Now the second question - is it anlim?
    For example, at the time of writing this article, I have 1 megabit, in September there will be 2, so that there is at least some traffic. And now, instead of carefree surfing the Internet, watching HD videos, playing Xbox Live and downloading all sorts of crap, I’ll have to go to the statistics website every day and monitor so that the amount of traffic does not exceed the limit. Sibirtelecom nailed the root of the main idea of ​​anlim - the lack of the need to check how much you “walked” on the Internet.

    It’s worth noting that they still left one loophole for anlim - the “Night Route 512” tariff, where the speed increases to 1 megabit from 00:00 to 9:00 in the morning, this tariff has no traffic limit. In principle, for many this will be a way out, at least until Sibirtelecom changes its mind and returns everything as it was.

    So let's hope that this idea does not take root with traffic and everything will be as usual in October (as statistics show, such ideas do not last more than a month). In the meantime, we think how profitable it is to spend our miserable hundred and what to do afterwards, when this hundred will end ...

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