You can send SMS to aliens until August 24

    The Australian website provides the ability to send a text message on space travel. Until August 24, those who are eager to leave their own informational footprint in the vast expanses of the Universe can visit the page and compose a message up to 160 characters long, which will be sent to Gliese 581d, the planet closest to Earth similar to the Solar System. Estimated delivery time is 20 years. Nobody gives guarantees of an answer, obviously.

    Project spokeswoman Wilson da Silva explains: “It's like a message in a bottle, only sent to other worlds. And it’s not even interesting if someone will accept the message, but what the society wants to say to another life form. Greetings from Earth is our way of showing that science makes the impossible possible. ” The project is implemented using the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex in cooperation with NASA and is part of Australia's National Science Week in Australia when society celebrates scientific achievements and recognizes the importance of science. The first message was left by Minister of Education and Science Kim Carr: “Greetings from Australia, located on planet Earth. This message will bring the dreams of our people into the future. We want to share them with you. ” It is hoped that extraterrestrial civilizations are sufficiently developed to catch an electromagnetic wave, convert it into an English text and, rejoicing at the friendliness of cosmic neighbors, send an answer.


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