Promo site - simple but effective

    Hello everyone, I want to start right away with a compressed process of creating one of our promotional sites in a few minutes (the work, by the way, was extremely exciting):

    And so, it all started with the fact that the task was to create a promotional site for the new mmsoft shooter from NCsoft, which is published in Russia by us, Innova.

    At the same time, as almost always, there was very little time, and they asked to do it “cool”. Actually, since we believe that it came out with dignity, we want to describe further a very simple technically method, which, with its mediocrity, allows you to create quite effective sites.

    Everything is very simple and everyone knows - from a series of pictures you can make a video. From a few beautiful photos, we make using the flash the effect of moving around the Point Blank fighter.


    I probably mistook my words about the “description of the technical method”, since everything is so obvious that it’s easier to tell very briefly how the site was made:
    1. During the discussion of the task, our designer Denis comes up with the concept of moving around the details of the fighter’s ammunition, everyone likes the idea.
    2. We do our urban military by ourselves, putting on a big Dima in a suit bought and rented in some places.
    3. Next, many, many pictures and process; pay attention before you poke around in the studio - you need to know exactly which key frames you will use.
    4. Our technologist Arseniy makes a flash with a trick, which is a little lower, and after the satisfaction of art director Sasha, everything is ready to go to the final assembly with texts, wallpapers and more.

    As a result, it was saved on:
    • drawing (everything was photographed)
    • layout and testing of cross-browser compatibility (all in flash)
    • time, which means money that is made up of our high salaries =)

    Finally, a few words about the flash component. Firstly, a rather convenient tool has been made that allows you to screw any number of scenes with transitions between them, and we will use it in the future. Secondly, another important detail is sequential loading:


    Each scene is loaded separately and in the background, this greatly reduces the waiting time for the user to load, and as practice shows, it sometimes reduces to zero, since every second one does not even notice this process. for studying the page.

    That's probably all I wanted to say. This is the first “Innovationists” post for us on Habré, do not judge strictly, I hope he finds his reader =)

    By the right of announcement: - three versions of the site, from "html only" to "full flash".

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