I want a cocktail! Cocktail Service

    imageFurther, as yesterday, the Yandex service for finding cocktails was announced on the habr . Based on the base this service uses, I offer you a cocktail selection service. The bottom line is simple - we choose the ingredients, we get the result. All cocktails containing the selected ingredients are displayed. As all together, and individually. The cocktail with the highest number of matching ingredients is displayed higher (relevance! =)) In general, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. I want a cocktail! UPD : The service is essentially offline. It can work on locales without external connection. Unless the pictures will not be uploaded. The base of cocktails in statics (as in the original service) UPD

    : The main difference from, say, inshaker.ru is a more relevant issue for the requested components.

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