Shout. City loudspeaker

    It is usually accepted that any provider has its own official (or semi-official) forum, which often outgrows this concept and becomes truly a national resource.

    For a different set of circumstances, the company in which I work did not have its official forum. Accordingly, it was decided to launch a similar resource.

    So the horn appeared to the world .

    It’s clear even to a hedgehog that ordinary forums are practically incapable of not only luring users from other forums, but even simply attracting new ones. Therefore, we decided to take the step that many before us tried to take: cross group blogs with classic forums. It turned out with us, or not - it is up to users, of whom there are still few, the resource opened just two weeks ago, and summer is in the yard.

    One of the main features of the forum is a custom topic tracking system: TV. When a user tries to create a topic, he automatically joins the corresponding forum (you can also join manually), which allows you to clearly outline the circle of his interests. And in order not to clutter the Journal, you can simply leave the forum and watch the topic through the TV. You can also subscribe to any topic, regardless of its location.

    To simplify the adaptation, we left almost a standard forum interface for each of the forums on the Bullhorn. Topics are also sorted in feeds by the date of the last comment.

    At the peak of fashion and democracy (:)) on the Bullhorn there are user rating and karma systems and voting for topics and comments. Moreover, if someone voted negatively for the comment, then the latter is hiding specifically for the voter. Depending on the level of karma, partial blocking of user actions is possible. All this should help the community organize itself, but we all decided to add a well-developed moderation system in which each moderator of a particular forum can distribute both rewards and punishments to users.

    We hope that the Shoutbox will find its fans - after all, there is, in fact, no specific geographical location. But we are not going to stop at what has been achieved; there are plenty of ideas for further development.

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