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    Not so long ago, paying for one small project that another habrayuzer did for me, I heard the following phrase - “I have VISA, can you transfer money to it? ..” image
    In this topic I will explain how cards like Visa relate to accounts and what types of payment preferred west of Russia


    As a rule, a person has a bank account (current account) - which consists of the code of the Bank's branch (sort code) and the actual account number (account number). Both of these numbers, as well as some additional information, can be combined into the so-called IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - a unique set of numbers and letters identifying your account in a specific financial institution, in a specific country.

    Visa cards

    Cards themselves do not contain money and can only be tied to different accounts:
    • Current account - the card is tied directly to your account, allows you to withdraw money directly from it
    • Additional card account - requires a transfer to it from the current account, in order to use the card

    As a rule, not only Visa can be attached to current accounts, but also Visa Electron, Maestro, Cirrus, Laser, etc. Many of them are not accepted by online stores or for buying airline tickets online.

    Why all this?

    For understanding, I will give a very IT-like example: A bank account is a server, your card is a client to it. The phrase from the title may have the following analogy: “I have a browser, can you send me a file to it?”

    If you are working with a Western customer, have your IBAN ready (you can find it in the brunch).
    Paypal in Russia does not allow incoming payments.
    few heard about Webmoney and the like west of Pskov
    WesternUnion - a very large overhead, especially for amounts of 50 euros

    Also popular now: