Recording companies came up with digital drugs ... probably

    This topic does not consider the reality of the effect of binaural beats. He does not tell cases from the life of drug lovers. He does not carry scientific information at all!
    This is just my discussion on a possible strategy for the use of “digital drugs”. Who cares - read on. Dedicated to lovers of world conspiracies!

    As I promised, we will not discuss how real the effects of binaural beats are.
    I suggest looking at one of the strategies for their application.
    Action Front - the fight against pirated audio files!
    Suppose that record companies and other copyright fighters have gathered and launched into the masses information about digital drugs that can cause some changes in the human mind (is it real or is the placebo effect not important).
    Target audiotoria - youth. Teenagers always strive to try everything new and forbidden. And here, it’s kind of like, and no risk.
    After some time, information is thrown into the press that this hobby is not so safe - it can cause mental damage and a host of other unpleasant consequences. Then stories about really affected people begin to appear, they show crying parents, in general, they conduct active information propaganda.
    And here some "international terrorists" come on the scene, which flood file-sharing networks and illegal online music storages with tracks with an audio drag (possibly even wired into a regular song). The media once again beat in a panic alarm, all sorts of RIAA say "but we warned that it won’t end in good," and people begin to be afraid to download files from the network and prefer to make an empatrice themselves from a licensed disc. Moreover, they and each other will be afraid to download (what if a friend is stoned?)
    The consequence of this multi-way approach is the growth in sales of licensed tracks (both online and on discs).

    In conclusion, I repeat once again - I do not raise the question of the reality or unreality of the effect produced by audio drags. Even if there is no effect, nothing prevents using them in the described way.

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