ZFS on Linux: almost good

    As you know, ZFS support is not available in the Linux kernel due to licensing issues. However, there is (though practically not developing) the ZFS-FUSE project.

    This implementation is based on rendering the file system in user-space (FUSE). Thus, the code itself is not entered into the kernel and the license does not contradict.

    It consists of a daemon (zfs-fused), management utilities (zfs, zpool, zdump, etc.) and a fuse-module.

    I decided to install myself for the sake of the test. Installed. It works. :)

    To start - installation.

    The project source codes are open, you can download them from here .
    The latest stable version is 0.5.0. There are .deb and ebuild packages in the Gentoo tree.

    There were no problems with the assembly and installation, nor with the launch.


    Under the tests, I highlighted a whole section on the screw, I performed mirroring tests in pool-s created from files.

    Fully work:

    • Arrays
    • Mirroring
    • Creating and restoring snapshots
    • Cloning FS
    • Compression (supported by lzo and gzip)
    • Connect and disconnect FS
    • Connect and disconnect devices
    • FS check

    Does not work:

    • Send and receive
    • If the daemon is disconnected incorrectly, there are problems with reconnecting pools.

    They work buggy:

    • The daemon itself (sometimes freezes upon shutdown and waits for a kill).
    • Quota
    • FS level permissions.

    Conclusion : you can use, albeit carefully. However, the project actually crashed, changes are extremely rare :(

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