FIDO 2.0


    FIDO 2.0 - the next social network. It is interesting in that it is combined with the policy of fido, there are conferences, echoes, clans. Interesting enough people are sitting there. In general, something in him is such a thing ... :)

    Clan A

    clan is not just a community, but an association of people who know each other. Joining a clan, you automatically add all its members to your circle of friends.

    In addition, the actions of each member of the clan affect the karma of the clan. Thus, the people in the clan are not only formally united, but also really interdependent and are in the same “bundle”.


    A convenient way to write news, thoughts, ask a question. You can send a message with interesting, in your opinion, information to the general echo feed of the site.

    You can also conduct a mini-blog in the echo, sending only to your friends answers to the standard questions “how are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “How is your mood?”.


    Conferences are a cross between communities and a forum. You can subscribe to those conferences that interest you. They will be displayed in your “conference list” and sorted by the last message. Thus, your “conference list” is a forum consisting of “branches” (several conferences) that are of interest to you.

    Communication in the conference is mainly thematic and anyone can participate in them, regardless of whether he is included in the circle of communication of the creator of the conference.

    Friends and contacts

    Friends on Fido 2.0 are different from “friends” on other sites. Because here friends are not a formal word, but your real friends from life.

    Initially, the user adds those who are of interest to him in the contacts.


    Karma is your reputation on the site, determined by its users. Karma is designed to show the degree of authority of users on the site.

    It works very simply: for each of the messages left by one or another author you see two icons: plus, which increases the user's karma and minus, that lowers the karma. Each plus and minus set for the message affects the karma of the author of the message. And the more the weight of the user who delivered ± per post, the higher its influence on the karma of the author of the post. Voice weight is affected by the size of karma, the number of posts, traffic, and other user data.

    Invites through PM

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