SUSE Studio beta


    I want to tell you about the new project SUSE Studio . With its help, you can create customized assemblies based on Open SUSE. On Habré there was already a mention of this project.

    I have not seen registration easier than SUSE Studio. You can log in using an existing account on Google, Yahoo, Novel or Open ID.

    You are given 15 Gb of online storage for your builds.

    Let's go through the process of creating your assembly

    1. Choosing the generation of the OS, desktop and bit depth (32 or 64). At the moment there are 10, 11, 11.1 OS generations, the choice of desktops is limited by itself KDE 3 and 4, minimalistic JeOS, Gnome, Server, Minimal X.

    2. The so-called appliance editor is shown schematically in the figure below. It allows you to add applications from repositories, select localization, some firewall options, configure the OS boot process, download files and applications from your computer or Internet source, and ultimately create your distribution and even test its performance
    . Welcome to SUSE STUDIO !

    Corrected the first sentence mk service resumed registration through invites

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