Tuned Google SERPs user script - speeding up the Internet

    For the past 5 months, I’ve added and used the simple, but convenient script “ Tuned Google SERPs ”, which adds several features to Google’s search results. Two features will be interesting mainly to those who promote their sites. But the third greatly facilitates daily web surfing, adding to the results of issuing a link “cached text only”:


    What is it? As we know, Google provides the most convenient opportunity to see a copy of the indexed web page stored directly on its servers. Sites sometimes close, sometimes they simply fall from the habraeffect, articles remove or block access to them. Google’s cache in this case is just salvation. However, if the site is closed, or simply slows down, the browser takes a very long time to render the cached page (until all requests to external objects are completed).

    Here Google seems to be helping out again - in the header of the cached page there is a link “Text-only version”, which opens an absolutely standalone copy of the page. However, this is bad luck - in order to access this copy, we first need to spend time opening a copy with a bunch of external objects. Inconveniently! The script solves this problem - now an offline cached page can be opened directly from Google’s search results.

    Yes, this is an Internet accelerator!

    As I said above, I planned to use the function to open dead sites, however, as it turned out, this is only a special case. The main use of the script is the acceleration of the Internet . By searching for any kind of reference information, for example, for writing articles, I open dozens of pages for one or two paragraphs. Information is accompanied by tons of noise data - website design, advertising, widgets. All this is crammed with pictures, javascripts, styles, flash. Add to this the fact that there are very few ideal hostings, and even a bare page without external objects often loads slowly.

    With this script, I load pages directly from Google’s high-speed distributed hosting, excluding any noise information. And I don’t even need to change the browser settings - at any time I have access to the original page, with all its embellishments.

    The remaining two features of the script may be of interest to those who maintain and promote their sites in Google. One of them - is to add serial numbers to sites in the results (on Google it does not, in contrast to all the other search engines), and the other - light pink favorite sites (for example, untwisted blogs, or simply sites that you trust). The list of favorite sites can be changed by editing the script file .

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