Technical problems with the registrar

    A couple of days ago I registered a domain in the .com zone with a WebNames registrar. Previously, I had to use the services of this registrar, there were no problems, but as luck would have it ... The materials are ready, the site is set up, and the domain cannot be activated for almost three days. Technical support first unsubscribed by the standard “technical problems, we are working, soon everything will be a bunch ...”, and then I began to ignore my letters altogether.

    And yesterday I registered another domain, this time in the .ru zone and on The same story - a paid domain cannot be activated for a day already. WebNames and are somehow interconnected (as for sure - I can’t say, but there is a connection).

    Neither WebNames nor WebMoney Domains has any mention of problems.
    I already wrote to ICANN, but I'm afraid it won’t have much effect ... Eh, how tired this "domestic" service is ...

    UPD 1: a few minutes ago we activated the same domain in the .ru zone

    UPD 2: domains in the .com zone are still inactive. This morning I received a response from the support service - something in the spirit of "do not like it - do not take it." I don’t like it very much, I won’t take it anymore ... Friends, please advise a worthy registrar. I register domains mainly in the .com zone, I can pay with a credit card and PayPal, so it will be even better if the registrar is not Russian. Thank you in advance!

    UPD 3: I still did not wait, I registered the same domains with godaddy. Already set up everything, and, by the way, nothing happened, it’s 35% cheaper;)

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