Highlight Translator for Google Chrome

    I think the Khabrovites using Google Chrome should be interested:
    When changing from firefox to chrome, I had a question about transferring several plug-ins while plug-ins are in the chrome stage in chrome. In particular, I was interested in how to find the analogue of the Unofficial Google Translate Firefox extension plugin , which can translate the selected phrase in a small window.
    There was a small solution - a bookmarklet. Having selected the text and clicking on the booklet, you can get its translation in a new, small pop-up window :)
    Add the text below to the bookmark (unfortunately, if you add it as a link, you won’t be able to bookmark it, you had to add it as a code):
    javascript:function x(){loc=location.href; lang='ru'; flag=true;text = ''; if (window.getSelection) { text= window.getSelection(); } else if (document.getSelection) { text = document.getSelection(); } else if (document.selection) { text = document.selection.createRange().text;}}function y(){if((text=='')){location='http://translate.google.ru/translate?u='%20+%20encodeURIComponent(loc)+'&sl=auto&tl='+lang;}} function z(){if ((text!='')){ var res=window.open('http://translate.google.ru/translate_t?text='+text+'&sl=auto&tl='+ lang ,'gTranslate_popup','left='+((window.screenX||window.screenLeft)+10)+',top='+((window.screenY||window.screenTop)+10)+',height=500px,width=950px,resizable=1,scrollbars=1');window.setTimeout(function(){ res.focus()},300)}} x(); y(); z();

    If by points , then:
    1. Select this code
    2. Create a bookmark, add this code to the url.
    Check: select the text, click on the bookmark, if everything is done correctly, a window will appear with the translation of the selected text.

    You can also translate pages with a translation service from Promt with one click, for this use the following bookmarklets:




    Offtopic: found jabber er@translate.jrudevels.org - promt translator. Translates no more than 200 characters, similar to m.translate.ru

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