Service exchange

    For everyone who is experiencing financial problems, but at the same time has a need to do some work that he himself can’t do (or knows how, but badly), this topic is proposed. I think the buffet format could well work.

    Personally, I now have difficulties with orders for web development (PHP, TYPO3), i.e. nobody wants to offer me a job for money. However, I started my own online store, which requires search engine optimization and copywriting. I would not want to delve into a new (and uninteresting for me) subject area. But I am ready to offer my services in exchange for promoting my site.

    I think everyone should do their own thing. And the Swiss, and the reaper, and the dude dude is not optimal from the point of view of labor productivity.

    UPD:On the advice of the comments I want to pay attention to the benefits of barter, or barter, of which the proposed exchange is.
    The fact is that at present many people are having difficulty with money, but at the same time, as a rule, people have free time. For example, many site owners are once again ready to give up one or another "chip" on the site, just not to pay money. But if for this "trick" you need to "just" do what a person is good at, for example, draw a logo, illustration or write an article, then sitting out of work and pressing F5 again on the main Habr, in LJ or on another A popular resource in search of ideas / activities / work, many are likely to agree.

    In the end, in the ordinary market, the seller of clothes for lunch will probably go buy a hot cake from an Armenian friend in a nearby shop, than tramp in a bakery for factory bread in cellophane. Moreover, this Armenian bought a pair of jeans from him a week ago.

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