3FN hosting provider terminated network access

    The large 3FN hosting provider , which has proved itself to be of good quality and has been well advertised on the forums lately, is unavailable from last night.

    Given the number of people who transferred their main projects and sites to it, the drama during the night reached its epic and highest passions. For example, here and here.

    When in the morning everyone started hopelessly thinking about how to restore their sites on another hosting, we managed to get a few answers from the host (spelling was saved):

    “there is a problem and it is quite serious, by order of FTC
    we stopped access to the network, and then physically to the equipment, we are already connecting lawyers to deal with this issue.
    It is not clear yet who it was because of.
    We cannot turn on primary and backup routers because they simply do not let us go there.
    The problem started as a problem with the equipment the network failed, after 20 minutes the power turned off.
    Unfortunately, there is no other data yet. ”

    And a little later an official statement appeared:

    “ Dear Sirs,

    We will return the servers, we are in the worst situation in the wheel of a US legal machine that works according to its own rules. And this will have to be fought, but we have really advanced in the matter.

    There is no reason to doubt the safety of all data on all servers.
    "We are doing our best to quickly resolve this unpleasant incident.”

    The provider promises to establish work within 24 hours, despite all the above problems.

    Let me remind you that the Mas Host had a similar problem when all sites were unavailable for 2 days, and the reason for this was just one news on one of the sites that violated the rights of copyright holders. who didn’t abuse, but immediately unsubscribed to the data center demanding to disconnect the server.

    We follow the development of events.

    PS By the way, Botmaster is also hosted on 3FN, as a result of which the most popular spamming on forums and blogs (Khrumer) now does not work for many spammers.

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