Change password,% username% or trap for blondes

    Today I got a joke for blondes from Habr.

    Having successfully logged in from her page, she received a beautiful form - “Change password, username!” She said and frightened me with suspicions that she didn’t like my 12-digit password or the site was broken ... Well, God bless them, if they ask me to change the password, we can change it ... or we can’t ...

    By pressing the Save button for the fifth time and sentencing the mantra “Change password. Change your password, bitch! ”Began to guess about AJAX’s intrigues, cross domain requests and other crap that made my head hurt by the end of the day ...

    Having removed my username from the address, I received the same password reset form . With his usual fingers brought to reflex, he filled the form on the clave and, holding his breath (not forgetting to mention the sacred mantra for changing the password), click Save ...

    I HAVE RECEIVED A CHANGE PASSWORD! (sorry - but the word "blondes" in the subject has to be justified at least somehow).

    Guys, maybe there is a miracle blog - IT daily blog, news, magazine, technologies

    Am I alone in my mistake?

    Minus what for? If only they would say.

    Those who did it and who didn’t succeed - but hammer it on the browser, did you notice the domain from which you changed the password?

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