Why should a programmer read fiction

    I am genuinely surprised by the statements of many of my friends that reading fiction is a waste and useless waste of time. They think it's better to learn new technology than spend an evening with a good book.

    But let's forget about aesthetic pleasure and other intangible things and think exclusively about material benefits. Now, fortunately, more and more workers in the computer industry understand that programming is not only communicating with a computer, but also communicating with other people. Moreover, often, communication with your colleagues, partners or the customer is a more important component of the work than writing the code itself. And your success will depend on how clearly you can formulate your idea, how well correctly put it in the letter.

    Now remember that reading fiction is one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary and make your language more free. Hence the conclusion: take time to read. This will not only improve your inner world, but also help with work.

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