The 11 coolest gadgets we need to see

Original author: Daniel Ionescu
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GiiNii Movit Mini
This 150 dollar device has a 4.3 "touch screen, built-in microphone and camera (for Skype“ out of the box ”), bluetooth and speakers. An unusually small amount of memory - only 256 MB, which are expandable using MicroSD. GiiNii Android tablet should will appear later this year. There is also a home version called Movit Maxx .

Huawei Google Android G3
In my opinion the most delicious gadget, I think you know why.
Presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, Huawei claims to be / T-Mobile G3, iPhone 5-like prototype charged 5 megapixels with a camera, Wi-Fi and a 3.5mm audio jack.
The positive side is that Huawei claims that the device belongs to the class of inexpensive. A commercial launch is expected for this summer.

Alpha-680 Netbook
Netbook, which is already the hottest in sales this year, will not miss the Android trend. The Chinese company Skytone is preparing the Alpha-860 Android netbook, which received a 7 "display, 533 MHz processor, elegant design and up to 4 GB of storage (flash). Other specifications include USB 2.0 ports, SD / MMC slot, Wi-Fi and network input .
Here is a full review of this stylish netbook.

the Archos Media of Internet the Tablet
The French manufacturer Archos, known for its portable media players (by the way, they have the mysterious GOGI technology :), teases us with an Android device. As promised, the player will be equipped with a 5 "touch screen, 500 GB of storage, 3G connectivity and all this in a 10 mm thin case. Multimedia features include TV recording with HD playback, as well as Adobe Flash Video (though knowing from previous versions of HD , MPEG2 and some other codecs are not included in the package and require a separate purchase.) Archos Internet Media Tablet is expected this fall.

CompuLab Exeda
Not all Android prototypes should be cool, as CompuLab Exeda proves to us. Only the offer saves Exeda - it is a powerful digital assistant used to develop others, their Android devices. Exeda is equipped with a 3.5 "touch screen and 2 megamixel camera, GPS and MicroSD slot. They will not envy you, so the release is scheduled for this year.

General Mobile DSTL1
Considering that this is the first Android device with two SIM cards, the prototype of General Mobile has a 3 "touchscreen, Wi-Fi and 4 GB on board. Well rounded on the sides, the DSTL1 should be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and DivX support. But! Not a word about the release date from the time we first saw it in February.

Lenovo OPhone
This device received a 5 megapixel camera equipped with autofocus. flash and the possibility of video recording, microSD slot and Bluetooth 2.0. Unfortunately Lenovo OPhone will only work with Chinese 3G technology, so ladies and gentlemen, we fly by.

NiMble Home Phone
Android can live on your home phone . The non-mobile Android phone got a 7 " multi-touch screen (800x600), a high-speed 624 MHz Marvel processor and 512 MB for data that can easily be expanded with an SD card. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also on board, plus some software for a $ 300 home phone. We expect to see this miracle of technology in September.

QiGi i6
i6 is the only smartphone in the world with two!OS and he came from China. This 3G phone can work under Android and under Windows Mobile 6.1, it has a 624 MHz processor. With a 2.8 "screen and a 2 megapixel camera, the i6 is equipped with GPS and stores information on microSD.

Yuhua Xphone-SDK
Created by the same companies as General Mobile DSTL1, this prototype should be the younger brother who has most of the older specifications. Xphone -SDK among the highlights, a 3 megapixel camera, 256 onboard memory (expandable to 16 GB via microSD), 3 "touch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0. And again, no release dates are known.

And finally, the space miracle of
Alienware Android Phone.
This prototype reminds me of a cheap backlit system unit. Concept developed by Jas Seehra for Dial-a-Phone website. However, the device is included in the list. We hope that it will never go on sale. Why? Yes, he is simply ugly.

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