Here came the idea of ​​one startup

    The idea is to create a “My Phone Book” sarvis.
    Actually, the reason why this idea occurred to me was that I needed a friend’s phone number. And this number was at my place written down on a piece of paper. Fortunately, my wife was at home and dictated the number to me.
    Actually now to the project itself.
    The essence of the project is that it’s most manly to form your phone book, and so that access to it is constant.
    + the ability to synchronize with the phone
    + for sure you had to call your friends and find out the phone number of some common acquaintances, or the phone number of a friend and so on. tp
    To solve this problem, you can give your friends access to your phone book.
    Sometimes it happens that just fussed and forgot the phone at home, and you need to call someone. And in this case this service will help.
    Alternatively, you can still figure out how to further develop this service.

    Yes, there is especially nothing conceptually new, and there is no difficulty in developing this service.

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