Apple does not allow bit rate software on the App Store

Original author: enigmax
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imageA special iPhone application for remote control of the popular Transmission bittorrent client has been rejected for placement on the Apple App Store. Apple substantiated the program developer’s refusal by the fact that this type of software is often used for copyright infringement, so the company cannot allow the publication of this application on the App Store.

Drivetrain - this is the name of the software created to manage the Transmission cross-platform bittorrent client via the Internet. The creator of the program Maza Digital says that Drivetrain provides all the details of the web interface in the native environment of the iPhone, which is very convenient.

The first letter to the programmer was answered that it would take more time than usual to consider his application, and already in the second letter the final answer was given:

This category of software is often used to violate the rights of third parties. Based on this, we do not accept such programs for placement on the App Store.

Not only is any bittorrent client absolutely legal (copyrights are violated by people and not by programs), but Drivetrain is even more so - it's just a shell for remote management of this client.

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