Who is the expert for you?

    Such an idea occurred to me - now a lot of experts, good ones and others, have divorced. And for many, this or that person (expert) becomes almost an idol - they listen to him, quote him, write articles about him, etc.
    So, dear community, I would like to hear who you consider to be experts and in what area?
    I suggest in the first level of comments to write in this format: name, surname, name of the expert, in which this expert positions himself.
    Well, if you agree, then we add this koment, we don’t agree ... Just let us in a civilized way - if you put a minus - write off why. OK?

    I think the information will be useful to many.

    Z.Y. Expertin fact, this is not a completely correct definition, but since many experts call themselves this word , so be it.

    UPD: write pliz one expert in one comment, because as noted below, it is impossible to vote for one without touching the other.

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