The end of an era. GeoCities closes

    The world's first mass free hosting, the legendary GeoCities , is finally officially closed. The registration of new accounts has already been stopped, and by the end of the year all pages that are hosted on GeoCities will be deleted .

    Over the course of the summer, Yahoo will finalize its deadlines and inform all site owners of the details of this procedure. Alternatively, they are offered paid Yahoo! Hosting the Web . There will be no more free hosting on Yahoo.

    Yes, this is pointless, because the entire audience of such services went to free blog platforms and social networks. Nobody does home pages anymore.

    GeoCities became not only the first mass free hosting, but also the first real social network on the Internet, which was far ahead of its time and appeared long before MySpace and Facebook. On the model of GeoCities in the beginning of 2000, the service was made by , which was then completely given to Yandex .

    It should be noted that the GeoCities audience, although it is reduced by 24% per year, is now 11.5 million people per month (this is only an American audience), that is, potentially GeoCities can generate some kind of income. Perhaps, before the close, there are still people who want to buy this half-dead service for some symbolic amount (at least for a box of beer ).

    Yahoo acquired GeoCities in 1999 for $ 2.87 billion.

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