P2P hardware access

    Someone is suing trackers - and someone is trying to make money on them.
    In the vastness of our homeland, as you know, chaos is happening , everything is possible.
    So the VVK company, which recently released the notorious Popcorn Hour on our market, was able, it turns out, to agree with the owners of the largest Russian-language tracker Torrents.ru .
    According to the website of Computerra magazine , at the HDi Show, direct access to the tracker for searching and downloading content was demonstrated. At the same time, registration is not required and the rating is not taken into account. On what conditions the agreement is concluded is not known.

    Such a service will certainly increase the popularity of the mercilessly cursed product of VVK. Moreover, the tracker has a large amount of quality content. But cooperation can also cause a headache for Torrents.ru administrators in connection with an influx of new visitors or close attention from VVK competitors. And the attention of competitors can pay the attention of left-wing law enforcement agencies, as is often the case.

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