Openmoko FreeRunner will live

    Pat Meier-Johnson of Openmoko Inc. said the bloggers who wrote about the future cessation of work on the Openmoko FreeRunner phone (GTA02) actually misunderstood everything. They misinterpreted the presentation of the director of the company. In fact, as correctly written on Habré , we are talking about the suspension of work on the next GTA03 model (the people who worked on it have already fired), but this does not mean that Openmoko is leaving the telephone business. Not at all. Moreover, they are starting a new project to create another Open Source device (“Project B”), and it will not be a phone. In other matters, no details about him have been reported.

    And the FreeRunner phone will continue to be supported, especially since an extensive community of independent developers has already formed around this project.

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