There is a question: how to properly protect your work

    Currently I am developing a corporate identity for one company. I suggested several logo options, one of which was chosen. However, after I handed over the logo to the customer in vector form, he decided to replay everything in favor of another option.

    I would like to somehow protect myself legally (at least by the simplest two-party agreement) from the fact that the customer can corny someone the previous version (or use it independently in the future).

    I ask, because I’ve been faced with this situation a couple of times, but previously I worked from the company and I was up to the bulb (because the company itself scored), but now I work for myself.

    If I have experience in drafting such agreements, I would be grateful if you share it.

    PS UPDATE. Additions to the foregoing.
    The question is not how to rip money off the customer and the first layout, but how to document the refusal of a specific logo, design etc, because no one then bothers him to say that he “dreamed” of the idea.

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