Bluetooth 3.0 Wi-Fi Ready

    An alliance of companies promoting the Bluetooth standard has announced that Bluetooth 3.0 specifications will be released on April 21.

    The third version of the standard promises a dramatic increase in data transfer speed, which will allow "transferring gigabyte video files from phone to phone" in a few seconds. Thanks to the Generic Alternate MAC / PHY (AMP) feature, phones with a third blue tooth will de facto support the 802.11 family of protocols. That is, the connection is established via Bluetooth, and file transfer is already on Wi-Fi, if both devices support it.

    In addition, the specification provides for a new Enhanced Power Control mode, which will reduce the number of disconnects in situations where the phone is put in your pocket or bag during data transfer.

    More detailed technical information, as well as a list of certified chip manufacturers, will be published on April 21.

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