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    Topic about how cool to meet like-minded people, a proposal to organize a meeting in your city, an announcement of a meeting in Moscow and Kazan.

    You were not at a meeting of like-minded entrepreneurs with burning eyes? You lose a lot. True. When you work alone or with a team on your project, your motivation often leaves you or your tone is not at the right level. When you see examples of successful and still not very projects, such as you guys with enthusiasm and excitement telling about your project, forecasting millions of incomes of your future business, which has already begun. When you are immersed in an atmosphere of creativity and drive from an online business. When you have someone to talk with on equal terms about promotion and how to monetize a startup. This fuse, a surge of energy and motivation, which is felt by 95% of participants in StartAper Meetings, allows us to immerse ourselves in work with renewed vigor.

    Review of Anton Kulakov (
    StartupPoint is a great chance for beginning Internet entrepreneurs to get to know the future sharks of Internet business and build the Internet of the future with them. This is my personal opinion on this very necessary and interesting project :)

    At the moment, 7 StartupPoint meetings have already taken place in Moscow, the 8th is scheduled for March 29th . On April 5, we will organize the first regional meeting in Kazan . Want to meet in your city? Unsubscribe about this in the comments, and those who are ready to help with the organization, write in PM.

    Feedback from Ruslan Ishmametov (LLC Internet)
    Startuppoint is the only event in Moscow that monthly gathers more than 100 people who somehow create a new Russian Internet. We cannot but note that all the projects presented were very strong and promising!

    A little more about the upcoming meetings in Moscow and Kazan.

    March 29, 15:00, Moscow, metro Mayakovskaya, club "B2" , st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 8.

    Projects participating in the 8th meeting. (Those wishing to present, write in a personal).

    Special guest with a report - Alexander Savitsky aka Shuh (Habra Helmsman)

    It is highly desirable to register for a meeting so that we can prevent hitch with the seating of the participants. And of course, all registered will be notified in advance so as not to be forgotten.

    For those who will not be able to attend the meeting, but really want to see all this, a live broadcast will be organized. Subscribe to her.

    As in previous meetings, there are difficulties with the club. For some reason, there is no one who wants to let initiative startupers into their club for free, everyone wants a rent. And from this meeting, we are forced to take a nominal fee of 200 rubles from participants. But in this case, we can rent a club in the center (fresh, after repair).
    An alternative free solution is the university audience at Vykhino or Semenovskaya (20 minutes from the metro).
    The fee is introduced only for Moscow meetings, in the regions everything is for free.

    April 5, 15:00, Kazan , the Old Barn inn (in conjunction with KommandCore LLC ).
    Registration for the meeting.
    Broadcast Subscription.

    UPD : Of course, you can attend the meeting as a spectator and without a startup, the entrance is open to all interested.

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