Online advertising has increased influence. Expenses for it in 2009 increased by 50%

    This is stated in the report of the CMO Council. The company's experts note that despite the increasing popularity of Internet sites and the development of new technologies, measuring companies still prefer to use the old methods of measuring the effectiveness of online advertising. Russian experts are sure that online advertising is the only media channel whose return can be calculated accurately and quickly.
    The CMO Council study involved 650 players in the US online advertising market. Only 9% of respondents believe that the methods used to measure the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet provide reliable information. This is due to the fact that most researchers in the United States continue to use outdated methods. 64.6% of them prefer tracking the number of page views and registrations on sites, 58.4% pay attention to traffic, 45.2% take into account the position of the Internet resource in the search page. The study showed that only a small number of agencies involved in advertising on online platforms take into account criteria such as the number of transactions, new customers and newsletter subscriptions when analyzing the effectiveness of advertising.
    Russian players in the online advertising market, by contrast, are convinced that modern techniques can very accurately assess the effectiveness of online advertising. The general director of RBC Media, Artem Inyutin, believes that online advertising can be calculated much better than other media resources. “To calculate the effectiveness of online advertising, all the same methods are used that make it possible to judge the effectiveness of advertising in traditional media,” he says. “In addition, tools that are unique to online advertising, such as counting page views or videos, are used to analyze performance.” The third component that distinguishes Internet advertising from other media sites, Mr. Inyutin called it great targeting.
    AdWatch CEO Andrei Chernyshov shares a similar point of view, who is confident that the Internet is the most measurable media platform. “There are many tools to measure the effectiveness of online advertising,” he says. “The problem is that not all advertisers know how to use this.” Despite the fact that now there are only five to six players on the market, the expert doubts that their number may change. “Despite the increase in the share of the Internet, the budget remains the same,” continues Mr. Chernyshov. “Therefore, there is likely to be a tendency toward enlargement of agencies.”
    Sergey Spivak, director general of I-Guru Internet Agency, doubts that Internet sites have managed to get ahead of traditional media channels. “Now, many advertisers really prefer the Internet to media channels like the press and radio,” he says. - However, it is too early to talk about a 50% increase in budgets in this segment. In any case, now that the planning of many campaigns for spring 2009 has not yet been completed. ” According to the expert, the accuracy of tools for analyzing the effectiveness of online campaigns is several times higher than that of traditional media tools.

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