Pencil case in a laptop (small improvement)

    The idea of ​​improvement came by accident when, while watching a video in full screen mode, I wanted to tag an idea that came to my mind. I didn’t want to leave full-screen mode and look for a tab with a planar , and in the meantime, my hand reached for a note for notes. Putting a leaf on the free surface of the laptop, the thought came to my mind: “What if you make a small notch in the laptop case, for example, for 20 sticknotes? And somewhere else on the side is a recess for the handle. A kind of pencil case. "

    Indeed, it may often be necessary to write something precisely with your hands, and not just to make a reminder. Or no one uses sticknoots anymore?

    Implementation Examples:


    Here in a roughly recess should be leaflets. But since the touchpad is sometimes needed ( or not needed? ), It is better to place them a little to the right / left and in tone with the color of the plastic:



    • some percent of people find this improvement useful
    • does not require difficulties in the production or layout of components (i.e., as it seems to me, from a recess 2-3 mm deep in the plastic of the laptop case, you don’t need to re-position anything inside)
    • You can make custom size stickouts and sell them as supplies :)
    • sticky notes do not have to be bright, they can be in tone with the primary color of the plastic, for example gray, to harmonize with the case as much as possible


    • the owner’s hands may lie on the free surface, and if you don’t replenish the sticky notes in time, then the hands will lie in an empty “hole”, which is not very comfortable. Although this minus is solved by the correct arrangement and format of leaflets
    • you can draw plastic around the leaf in use
    • in the presence of a small number of leaves it may not be convenient to get them
    • idea may not like and scare away potential buyers
    Here is another example:


    How difficult it is to make a recess in aluminum and is it compatible with the new simplified process technology for stamping cases, I do not know, but I think that Apple will not make such "improvements" - the design of their laptops is already perfect :)

    In general :) , I would like to hear the opinion of the collective mind about this idea.

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