Safari 4 is faster than Chrome

    The Safari 4 browser turned out to be the fastest Cnet UK tested for JavaScript browsers. To check the journalists used the SunSpider test suite .
    The Windows version of Safari 4 completed the test suite in 910 milliseconds. Thus, it bypassed Minefield 3.2a1 (Firefox 3.2, 1136 milliseconds), Google Chrome (1177 milliseconds) and Firefox 3 (3250 milliseconds). Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 showed the lowest performance, completing tests in 39026 and 5839 milliseconds, respectively.
    On MacOS X, Safari 4’s lead over its competitors was even more than four times ahead of Firefox 3, and Opera 9.6 seven and a half times ahead. Almost the same results with the new version of Safari in MacOS X were shown only by Minefield 3.2a1, which completed the tests in 969 milliseconds. Safari performed the same test in 967 milliseconds. ( C )

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