Webmoney personal / initial certificates from "Webnames.RU (Regtime)": incorrect owner information

    UPD. The issued initial certificate was withdrawn from me, and now I again have “formal”. So “ours won” :)

    Recently, a fairly well-known Ragtime registrar (in the world - Webnames) published news on its website:
    Ragtime customers who already have a signed agreement can receive a Webmoney certificate without paper formalities by choosing the Webnames.ru Certifier and Become Authorized Customers.

    Today I received the initial Webmoney certificate, despite the fact that the “left” data was indicated about me in the system: wrong name, wrong passport number, etc. For those who are not very versed, what is the “initial” certificate ”, I will explain that upon its receipt, the Certifier (in this case Ragtime) is obliged to check the passport data of the person to whom the certificate is issued for compliance with the data that he indicated about himself in the Webmoney system.
    And what he did not.

    About how it all happened, and what unpleasant things it can lead to - under the cut.

    I started a WebMoney account in 2004, indicating “left” data there during registration (and few people filled in real data at that time). It didn’t bother me, and slowly I earned money on the Internet until the BL (business level) had grown up to 40.
    Then I decided to get a webmoney certificate: people who have a rather big BL and have a real certificate from customers / partners have much higher trust than to people without a certificate.

    But the problem is that in order to get a certificate, it is necessary that the "correct" data is indicated in the system. And if this data is incorrect - you need to go through the process of changing “fictitious” data to real, go somewhere, fill out applications, etc.
    And I put it off for later.

    And then bam - a domain registrar (Ragtime), with which I already had a signed contract - I am ready to issue me a certificate myself. And in the hope that "ride", I applied, and transferred them $ 1 to pay for the certificate.
    Two days passed, and I really received a notice that “Your application for a WebMoney certificate has been satisfied.”

    Now, in the eyes of an outsider, I look “verified” - and he will believe that in case of any problems with payments he can always find me and hold accountable.
    For example, if I borrow money, or as a deposit for some services. Moreover, if I received a “personal” certificate (I’m sure I would have received it without problems), I could create a fictitious online store and accept money from gullible customers.

    But alas. Webmoney will be able to give him the maximum information about me - "Ivanov Ivan, passport series 2233, number 444555", address "g. Moscow, st. Lower ".

    I am sure that this problem will be fixed sooner or later, those guilty of negligence will be punished, and inspections / cross-checks will find inconsistencies of issued certificates with factual information. But for now - the situation is as it is.

    Therefore, my urgent advice is to be as distrustful as possible in the near future towards people whose certificate is issued by "WMID # 799552707261 Webnames.ru".

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