Philips Xenium X520: the first AAA battery phone

    The Philips Xenium line of phones has always been characterized by an unusual approach to energy consumption. A year ago, we talked about the Philips 9 @ 9k model , which works on a single charge of up to two months in standby mode.

    Now, the Chinese owners of the Philips phone brand are starting sales of the new Philips 9 @ 9j model (also known as the Philips Xenium X520). Here, the battery is not so long-lived (it lasts only one month), but at the end of the charge you can insert a regular AAA finger-type battery into it and the phone is back in service. A special thickening was made for the battery in the lower part of the case.

    The batteries last for 2.5 hours of talk or a week of standby time. That is, in principle, you can work on such batteries constantly, since they are sold at any kiosk. If you have AAA batteries, you can recharge them right on the phone.

    The rest of the Xenium X520 is quite up to standard: a 2-megapixel camera, a Bluetooth module, an FM radio, and a microSD card slot. The price is not yet known. Available for sale in March.

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