Odnoklassniki meeting in the Kremlin

    Odnoklassniki.ru go to the state level. Following Yandex, they want to consolidate their status as a strategic resource and national treasure.

    On February 6, under the auspices of Odnoklassniki, a grand concert will take place in the State Kremlin Palace with the participation of Russian pop stars. According to Vzglyad , the collection of signatures in support of the new state holiday, the Day of Classmates, will also be announced there. If they succeed, then every year the first Saturday of February will be an official day off, and the Odnoklassniki.ru project will write its name in the history of the Russian state.

    “The first Saturday of February is a traditional day for graduates to meet in Russian schools, and so far it has all been at some gravity, disorganized,” says Nikita Sherman, president of Odnoklassniki. “Now we want to bring this day to a whole new level.”

    “Signature collection will begin in mid-February,” Sherman said. “Our challenge is to find the support of at least a million people.” If we see that this idea has supporters, we will initiate the introduction of such a holiday through the relevant government departments. ”

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