The first alpha of the EduMandriva additional educational repository is Edumandriva 2009 Alpha1.

    A DVD with a repository was developed at the Mandriva Competence Center of the Glazov State Pedagogical Institute. V.G. Korolenko is designed to facilitate the installation and use of educational software, as it contains a selection of software necessary for conducting classes in computer science and ICT courses in secondary, specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, based on the wishes of teachers and testing of previous versions repository.

    • Lazarus in the assembly of GTK2 and Qt4 (meta-packages task-lazarus-gtk2 and task-lazarus-qt4;
    • FreeBASIC (compatible with QBASIC);
    • Scratch - programming for children based on Logo;
    • Idol (school algorithmic language);
    • LightLang - one of the best dictionaries;
    • Phun - a physical simulator;
    • OpenProj - a free analogue of MS Project;
    • iTest - student testing system;
    • ATutor - a program for building distance education systems;

    and other software, the full list of which you can find on the project wiki :

    The disc is installed on an existing installation of Mandriva 2009 Free (correct work with Mandriva PowerPack 2009 is in development).

    The first alpha does not yet contain an installer with a graphical interface, but it allows you to install all the software using a special script or connect repositories for installing software through a standard package manager.

    You can download the iso image from here:

    Bug Traker:

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