Social and creative photo project

    For a long time, I have had one very interesting idea in my head (at least it seems to me). The idea is to make a social and creative project.

    What does it mean?

    According to my idea, a group of professional photographers is being recruited and they take very high-quality photographs on a socially significant topic. Moreover, they do not show the problem itself, but what will happen if it is solved. That is, for example, happy families, happy children, etc.

    After all the material has been shot, we post the best and best materials on a special promotional site and it turns out, like, a virtual exhibition. You can go further, in addition to the "virtual", and make a real exhibition of photographs.

    You can also make various printing products based on the photographs taken and sell. And to send the earned money to orphanages, and indeed to help children.

    Here is an idea. What do you think about this topic? How to approach the implementation?

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