Podcast 9 is the second release. Conversation with Alexander Lozhechkin

    In the second issue of our podcast, we invited Alexander Lozhechkin to visit . We talk with him about technological evangelism.

    Also in this issue are answers to your questions.

    Please write your comments about the release, podcast format, and wishes for the future.
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    Blog Alexander Lozhechkin - blogs.msdn.com/allo
    Many interviews with developers in Redmond - channel9.msdn.com/Russia
    Developer Blog of IE8 - blogs.msdn.com/ie
    Webcast «Windows 7 for developers» - www.microsoft. com / rus / events / detail.mspx? eventid = 1032400457 The

    address of our podcast ispodcast9.ru
    RSS feed for our podcast - feeds.feedburner.com/podcast9ru
    RSS feed for Peter Didenko - feeds.feedburner.com/pdidenko
    RSS Blog for Mikhail Chernomordikov - blogs.msdn.com/mikcher/rss.xml
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