Create your own theme. Part 0: Introduction.

    image    I have been an active user of Opera for quite some time. For a long time I used the standard skin of the Opera, which almost everyone liked, but over time, the standard theme was fed up and began to use themes written by other users of the Opera. Nevertheless, the design that I would like, I found very little, but they have become familiar. Therefore, I decided to create my own design theme and I hope that my experience will help others, especially since I did not find information on this topic in Russian.

        Under habrakat you will take away some plan of articles that will be part of the cycle "Creating your own theme for Opera." This article series will be a translation of the article from Opera Skinningbut with my comments. I will try to create a design theme by the same steps, and by the end of the article, a full-fledged design theme should be obtained. I would like to discuss some points in this topic as it was created with you.

    A sample outline of articles that can be expanded or reduced:
    1. Location of files to topics used by the Opera and how they are stored
    2. A brief description of the archive structure and what is the main theme file
    3. Types of topics and Opera's answer to the lack of certain files
    4. Detailed file structure and topic categories
    5. Supported image formats, animations and some aspects of the Opera with the skin
    6. Basics of creating a theme: editing skin.ini
      1. Sections: Topic Information and Topic Options
      2. Item types and list of all items
      3. List of possible parameters for elements

    7. Some tricks and notes
    8. Showing the resulting topic and its discussion

    Do you think the game is worth the candle? :)

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