"Sites from sponsors"

    I read this topic, followed the link ... And I had an idea. I decided to submit it for discussion.

    In principle, there are many services that do not have a representative on the Internet for various reasons (although the main one is understandable). Nevertheless, I personally would not refuse to receive fresh information from them. These include the regional police departments, fire departments, ambulance stations, housing office, etc. etc. They did not have money for this and will not be for a long time. But with a small amount of goodwill and a desire to do good, this can be easily solved.

    That's actually the problem that, in principle, I would like to discuss.
    1. Is this kind of information relevant to you (news about incidents, tips from various services, etc.)? Or is it I generally raise a useless topic?
    2. Do these services need this? Or do they have worries above the roof?
    3. Without hoping for the state, is it realistic to organize an aid campaign. Indeed, in principle, this is not difficult - small hosting, free CMS, an intelligible template. For half a day of work, but on the other hand - an advertising campaign and a plus in karma in a global sense.
    4. Or is it easier to organize one common site on which similar services could have pages for themselves?

    In general, such a thought. It seems interesting to me (there were news about the St. Petersburg police departments that opened the pages of VKontakte). But I can be wrong, and no one needs it from both sides. In general, I do not know which side to approach this.

    Thank you for your attention spent reading this post and writing a comment :-)

    UPD: Since the project aroused interest, everyone who wants to participate is invited to the groups.google.com/group/solp group

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