D-link router is buggy: is this normal?

    In general, such things.

    I once connected Akado and wanted to connect a router that would distribute the Internet through the air for laptops and send it via cable to the desktop.

    We bought a D-link router not the cheapest, but I can’t say the model now. When installing firewood, they were surprised how simple and step-by-step it was explained there how to stir up such a network that we wanted. The cable from the Akadovsky modem went to the router, from the router the cable went to the desktop. It turned out that there was a snap on the poppy and the router had to give up the poppy that was originally from the laptop that was originally connected to the provider, and the laptop should be registered with some kind of leftist, so as not to conflict.

    An interesting trouble was discovered only after a while. When I used the Internet via Wi-Fi, the router hangs tight, not responding to the desktop via IP and hanging both Wi-Fi and Internet via cable. The local administrator suggested that this is possible due to the fact that d-link generally has the ability to hang tight with heavy traffic and advised me to reflash.

    Indeed, as far as one can judge, perhaps we found a connection between downloading a movie through a torrent at a speed of 600 Kb / s (on a Wifi connected laptop) and a hanging router. The search for firmware did not lead to newer versions.

    It is also worth noting that when the laptop does not suck the Wi-Fi connection, the desktop downloads the same torrents and never hangs anything.

    Is there really nothing more to be done?

    UPD: Model DIR-400

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