Slow UPDATE vBulletin - what's the catch?

    I bought a license for vBulletin for two forums. On one - it flies round the clock (about 20,000 registered users), on the other - it starts to slow down in the evening (120,000 users).
    Attendance is the same - 50-100 people online. I launched Debug Mode on the braking forum , it turned out that the most recent request took up to 16 seconds!
    UPDATE user
    SET lastactivity = 1226505039
    WHERE userid = 1

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    Moreover, it is not necessary once or twice - the request can be executed a couple of times normally (thousandths of a second), or maybe 16 seconds.
    I think that blaming the size of the database and the number of users would be wrong, although the thought was to remove those who did not attend the forum.

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