Task in the evening

    The goblin_gaga lzhyuzer posted a problem in his LiveJournal.
    I liked it, so I propose a solution to the habrasociety at the end of the working day. The benefit is not complicated, but quite interesting. The approach to such problems is usually the same, but here the twisted formulation captivates. I admit, I myself spent a lot of time understanding the essence of what was written :)

    To your right, a turner in a burning bookkeeping calculates something on a calculator. There is a fire on the left, and the doctor on the lathe brings balance in it. Front accountant measures the temperature of the boards at a construction site. At the back of the factory, a fireman cuts the patient in half.

    Question: Who are you, where and what are you doing?

    source (caution! insider correct answer)

    UPD Warning, almost correct answer in comments

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