Jobs and registration on Habré

    I paid attention to the fact that on Habré there are too few vacancies, could this be the reason for the regional closure on the Habré?

    I am not against inviting, but it seems to me that it harms this section of the site.
    What is your opinion?

    Let me explain: there are many recruitment agencies, and just recruiters, who, for example, have come across this marvelous resource, and even found a section with vacancies. They wanted to post a vacancy, because there is a very large concentration of narrow-minded people, but they do not succeed in view of the fact that they simply cannot register, and are unlikely to find an invite.

    I saw a rather symbolic banner in the Habr header - Yandex decided not to bother with posting vacancies in the section, but simply bought an ad slot. But not all companies will be able to do this.

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