Is Motorola downsizing and completely switching to Android?

    Not so long ago, information appeared that Motorola is expanding its Android department to as many as 350 people. Now it became clear that this is part of the anti-crisis strategy of the company , which includes a major restructuring of the mobile phone manufacturing business in order to reduce costs (now this business only brings losses). As part of the new strategy, a massive staff reduction is planned, as well as a transition to the Android platform.

    Reform initiated a new co-director of the company Sanjay Jha (Sanjay Jha), who joined the company in August and immediately launched a vibrant activity. Details of his plans and the exact number of those laid off, Mr. Jha will inform tomorrow at a corporate meeting. It should be noted that over the past two years, Motorola has already reduced about 10,000 people.

    What can I add here? If Android allows you to reduce production costs and significantly reduce the cost of mobile devices, then you can welcome similar actions from all manufacturers. It is only a pity that they are capable of decisive action only during a crisis.

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