Startups: an approach to business

    I’m watching an interesting thing. Our esteemed startups are divided into several categories. Now we are not talking about their ideas, we are talking about organizational work.

    Category One Sends interested responses and asks for a package of documents that need to be filled out. Everything is clear, concrete, it is clear that people are serious about the issue. (Aside: the generation of young businessmen has grown).

    Category two. They immediately ask: “Can you give me 500 thousand euros?” When asked about the possibility of monetizing their project, they answer that the idea is super. The approximate essence of the project is difficult to describe. At the end of the conversation, they clarify: “Do you really have 500 thousand euros?” (Aside: yes, I personally carry them in my suitcase and give them out every morning to the first caller and who says that he has an idea. Any).

    Category Three: Interested in issues of copyright and property law. It shows remarkable knowledge of the issue. As well as outstanding demagoguery abilities on the topic of whether ideas are sold at all, if so, how legitimate it is. And if lawful, then what does lawfulness mean for modern Russia. (Aside: Interestingly, does this category have ideas? Or are they interested in for what purpose?))))

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