coworking without center

    So. At this time, I am in the process of changing jobs. So far I work in Moscow, but I live in Obninsk (100km) and spend an insane amount of time on the road (2 hours one way). They offered to work remotely for the same money as now. I grabbed the offer, but I was a little embarrassed by the fact that I would have to work all week from home (the home atmosphere somehow relaxes).

    And suddenly one of my friends calls me:
    - You seem to be moving to a remote site? If you wish, you can sit in our office for a small fee. We will give you a table and the Internet.

    Like this. 1300 rub. per month + Internet payment (60 kopecks / Mb) - and a full-fledged workplace in a pleasant office, in the same room with other web programmers :)

    Why this topic?

    I just think that there are people who would be happy to work on a coworking system, but who are not able because of the lack of a coworking center in their city. Maybe this post will lead them to the idea of ​​phoning friends and acquaintances working in offices: is there a couple of square meters?

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